The Engage family law guided pathway is an intelligent application that only asks questions relevant to your situation.  Engage will help you and your family law specialist prepare for your legal consultation so you get the maximum benefit from it.  Engage does not provide legal advice - that is the role of your family law specialist. 

You may find it helpful to look at  our Top Tips video on using Engage before you start.  You will see how to use the help button and how to save your work as you go along or how to save your work and take a break.  


You have the opportunity to upload various documents to Engage, such as a court order, if you wish.  But this is not essential. We will ask you questions about your own circumstances and those of your partner and any relevant children so we have the fullest possible picture. 

Some of the questions will ask for information about your finances such as the value of any assets or amount of income.  If you don’t have the information to hand, you can save your progress on Engage, find the information required, and come back to Engage to continue your submission.  



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