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What is Engage?

There is plenty of research to show that people needing to speak with a family lawyer find it daunting. All those endless questions before any advice is given. Not to mention the cost.

Engage is a web application that helps your prospective clients, in their own time, put together all the information you require ahead of your first meeting; ensuring you can provide bespoke advice from the moment you meet. Engage enhances the initial consultation for both the lawyer, as they have all the facts, and for the client, as they feel prepared and educated ahead of the meeting.

The application automatically passes the information to you before the initial consultation. Engage provides you with a summary of key aspects and known risk factors so you can crack on and do the job you’re trained for.

Who does Engage Support?

Engage Supports

Benefits of Engage


I would definitely recommend Engage to my family law peers. Engage has reduced the time spent during the first appointment taking down information from the client, this allows me to focus on providing tailored advice and solutions from the outset. Clients are also able to provide accurate information as they have had a chance to think about it ahead of the meeting.
Jon Armstrong, Armstrong Family Law

Observe. Reflect. Disrupt. Re-imagine.

Put a group of solicitors, mediators, collaborative lawyers, arbitrators and a judge with over 150 years of legal experience between them in a room.  Relentlessly pick those legal brains over 5 years. Take all that knowledge. Absorb that understanding of the complexities of family law. All those pain points and the tricks of the trade learned the hard way. Distil all that experience into an online application called Engage. Then make it free to your clients. What’s not to like?

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